Head of the Federation of Domestic Workers Recruitment Agencies Khaled Al-Dakhnan confirmed the end of all outstanding problems that stand in the way of resuming the recruitment of new Filipino domestic workers, revealing a meeting that the union will hold, tomorrow, on the Zoom platform, with his Philippine counterpart and officials at the Ministry of Labor in Manila, to introduce the new triple contract mechanisms Concerning the recruitment of labor, and finalizing the issue of recruitment.

Al-Dakhnan expected, in a statement to Al-Jarida, to reopen the door for recruitment within days or a week, at the latest, from the date of the meeting, especially in light of the currently existing broad cooperation between the Kuwaiti and Filipino sides, and the success in ending and resolving all outstanding problems. The “tripartite contract” that was agreed upon before the emergence of “Corona” was based on all the rights and duties included in Law No. 68/2015, promulgated in the matter of domestic workers.

He added: “So far, we have not received official communications from the Philippine side regarding the resumption of new labor, but all matters and indicators are heading to a breakthrough very close in this file, and to reopen the door for recruitment, thanking the strenuous efforts made by the relevant authorities, represented by The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior and the Public Authority for Manpower, which actively contributed to finding radical solutions to the pending problems, “Thanks are extended to the members of the Union and the offices that work under its banner, for the diligent follow-up of this file from the beginning of the problem until the breakthrough that is around the corner.