Arabic local newspaper Aljarida reported that Vaccination numbers in Kuwait indicate that there has been a significant increase in the number of people who received the vaccine against “Covid 19” disease, especially during the recent period, which confirms the response of many citizens and residents to vaccination campaigns and people’s confidence in the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. The Minister of Health, Dr.┬áBasil Al-Sabah emphasized that all vaccinations used in Kuwait are highly safe, their results are reassuring, and their resistance to the epidemic is confirmed, and that “all the vaccines that we use went through strict stages and procedures before approval and approval of their use.”

In his tweet on his Twitter account, the Minister of Health advised everyone to take the initiative to register for vaccination, to protect themselves, and to contribute to accelerating access to community immunity.

The number of people who received the Coronavirus vaccine in Kuwait exceeded 400,000 people, as of yesterday noon, which is equivalent to 10% of the population, and during the past two months, 380,000 people were vaccinated, while the global numbers reached 360 million, and the numbers are in A continuous increase, which confirms people’s confidence in vaccination to eradicate the pandemic.

In mid-January, the number of vaccinated people in Kuwait reached 20 thousand only, and after less than two months the number of recipients of the preventive “Corona” vaccine reached more than 400 thousand people, which confirms the great expansion of vaccination campaigns on the one hand, and people’s confidence in the safety and effectiveness The vaccine and their assurance that vaccination is the only weapon to get out of the crisis that we face on the other hand.