In light of the partial curfew every day from 5 pm until 5 am, the country turns into a theater for the security authorities, which revive their night through patrols and security points in various regions, to ensure the implementation of the prohibition measures, and to prevent any breach of government decisions in this regard.

Security men arrive night and day, to maintain security, prosecute outlaws, follow up all security reports received by the General Security Operations Room from the central room, and close any security gaps, which is the main task of the Ministry of Interior, in addition to the tasks of implementing Cabinet decisions through Setting up checkpoints during the specified curfew hours, from five in the evening to five in the morning.

In the context, the Director of Operations Department in the Public Security Sector, Colonel Abdullah Al-Mutairi, affirmed that “the sector is working to implement the decisions of the Council related to partial embargoes through 102 fixed and mobile security points in all regions of the country,” noting that the sector’s special missions are assigned to work points Mobile security, and works to be present in more than one location, and during partialcurfew hours.