representative of labor recruitment offices, Bassam Al-Shammari, revealed that the Philippine Union communicated today, Thursday, with the Kuwaiti offices, and set the requirements to be applied to open the door of new contracts, where They were informed that the recruitment will begin on March 15.

Al-Shammari said : “The union stipulated that no new contract be brought to any employer with a history of employment problems, or a non-commitment to pay salaries.”

He added, “The Union emphasized the necessity of a coordination and follow-up office between the offices of Kuwait and the domestic worker, and standing up to her requests and any problems she suffers from immediately.”

He pointed out that the Philippine Federation stressed the importance of paying end-of-service dues for domestic workers, which are determined with a month’s salary for each year in the contract, which is spent upon final travel in addition to booking a ticket.

Al-Shammari revealed that Kuwait offices are preparing, in coordination with Ethiopian domestic workers’ recruitment agencies, to open the door for new contracts, which will be announced soon

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