Kuwaiti students pay the highest annual fees for public schools in the world, according to the report, which stated that “the annual cost of a Kuwaiti student in government schools is the largest in the world, reaching KD4,693 in kindergartens, KD3,280 in primary school, KD3,426 in the intermediate level, and KD3,651 in secondary school, Al Rai daily reported.

Included in the report by the Public Authority for Combating Corruption “Nazaha” is the warning of the dangers of corrupt practices in the education sector, and emphasized that “educational institutions in countries have a pivotal position for their prominent role in achieving sustainable development.”

The report, titled ‘For Kuwait, to teach our children integrity’, stated that “the Ministry of Education’s budget for the year 2020 amounted to KD2.3 billion, from which 90 percent is deducted for the salaries of the 120,000 employees. The number of students in the year 2018 was approximately 683,000, distributed among 822 public schools and 566 private schools.

The report pointed out that “in view of the basic education performance index, the quality of primary education, mathematics and science education decreased by one percentage point compared to the previous year, while Kuwait ranked 104 and 106 out of 137 countries in the two lists.”