The Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs at the Ministry of Education, Rajaa Bouarki, asked all sectors to prepare lists bearing the names of teachers and administrators covered by the replacement decision for the current academic year 2020-2021, based on the data extracted from the integrated systems.
An informed source revealed that the administrative sector has determined the number of people covered by the replacement, provided that the selection of names is within the competence of the concerned departments, indicating that Bawarki informed the Undersecretary of Public Education Usama Al-Sultan that the required number of his sector is 148 non-Kuwaiti employees, provided that the decision to end their services is implemented. Next June.

An informed source indicated that many educational sectors suffer a deficit in the job groups covered by the replacement, especially the public education and educational development sectors and activities, calling on the concerned authorities to postpone the replacement in sectors that suffer from a deficit in the number of employees, especially technical jobs, such as science lecturers, researchers, accountants and legal professionals.

He pointed to the possibility of implementing a replacement policy for some specializations in which there are Kuwaiti graduates.