After the discovery of bird flu cases in some poultry farms, the specialized teams of the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources moved to contain the disease, Al Qabas reported.

A responsible source revealed to the daily that thousands of poultry have been executed in two farms in Al-Wafra after infection with the disease was confirmed.

The source added that the livestock sector isolated poultry on the two farms and culled thousands of them. This was to ensure that the disease is not transmitted to workers there or even to neighboring farms.

The sources pointed out that bird flu is a viral disease caused by 12 types of viruses, and it specifically targets birds, noting that it may be transmitted to humans in very rare cases, and it is possible to avoid infection by moving away from the centers of its spread, whether in farms or barns.

The source also said that the virus is not easily transmitted from infected animals to humans, but it may be transmitted in the case of severe contact with infected birds, the use of personal protection tools such as masks and gloves in case of dealing with animals is recommended.