Coinciding with the arrival of the seventh Pfizer vaccine batch, health officials revealed that they would work on several measures during the next two weeks as part of a plan to curb the epidemic, Al Qabas daily reported.

Officials explained to Al-Qabas that the Ministry of Health is doubling its efforts to accelerate the vaccinations rate, and is currently negotiating intensively with several vaccine manufacturers, including Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

In response to Al-Qabas question about the possibility of amending or cancelling the curfew month, the officials stated that this is based on 5 specific criteria: the rate of transmissions and spread of coronavirus among people, numbers of infections within days, the percentage of beds occupied in wards and intensive care, and the decrease in daily cases compared to daily swabs, as well as the epidemiological curve measured.

The officials stressed the need to initiate vaccinations during the current period, while continuing to adhere to health requirements, and not to question the safety of vaccinations, pointing to the presence of technical committees in the ministry consisting of specialized doctors who follow around the clock the numbers that have received Covid 19 vaccinations, as they analyze and audit data and results, side effects, if any, according to an accurate scientific methodology. In addition, the specialized teams are working to increase the swabs among the populace to discover infections and to accurately assess the epidemiological situation.