today afternoon, prior to the entry into force of the partial ban, Kuwait turned to the “red” color that Google Maps monitored on most roads and streets in the country, due to the traffic congestion in a scene that resembles complete paralysis in traffic, on the first day of the implementation of the decision. the ban.

While citizens and residents were in a race against time with the approaching start of the ban, for fear of breaking the ban, which carries a penalty of filing a case or deportation to non-Kuwaitis, thousands of them found themselves stranded in the streets, especially some workers who lined up in lines and human masses in front of bus stations to no avail. After mass transportation stopped working since about three in the afternoon, forcing some of them to walk home or use the “taxi” against their will, to escape from breaking the ban.

In the face of this absurd scene, which confirmed the lack of coordination between the government agencies, and revealed the government’s failure to test to deal with the ban on its first day, security sources confirmed

instructions were issued to security men to make it easier for citizens and residents in the streets before they reach their homes, with the curfew coming into effect at five o’clock, due to traffic congestion on the main roads and the extension of the ban period to six o’clock, to give citizens and residents enough time Until they get home.

However, after six o’clock in the evening the congestion crisis ended and the streets returned empty, and the scene of the ban that we were used to in the past year was repeated, and security personnel closed the roads, and placed security points on the highways to check the passage of vehicles, and make sure that no vehicle passes without an exit permit.

For its part, the vaccination center at the fairground continued yesterday to receive people to take the Corona vaccine until 7 p