The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has developed an integrated plan to set up mechanisms and distribute security men in cooperation with the National Guard and the Ministry of Defense in areas, and various sectors where there is high population density to ensure citizens and expats are adhering to the health measures and following the partial curfew in the country, an informed security source revealed to Al-Rai daily.

In addition, the source noted that no citizen or expat will be allowed to walk or use bicycles at the time of the curfew, and whoever violates this will be registered as a violator of health requirements, and he will be referred to the prosecution immediately.

Only people who are authorized to move are those with the necessary permit that authorizes people to move at the time of the curfew, the source stressed to the daily, and the permit will only be used by the authorized person, and whoever violates this condition, the permit will be cancelled.

The source pointed out that there are clear and strict security directives in allowing the exit of patients with the use of barcodes to control motion in hospitals and health centers only.

He added that there are teams that monitor all diwaniyas, farms, chalets, and bridges, and if any illegal gathering or persons other than family members are discovered, they will be held accountable and referred to the competent authority, to face penalties including imprisonment or fine of up to KD10,000 dinars.

The source conveyed to the daily that he wished for cooperation and commitment from all citizens and expats during the partial curfew to end the problems from the Coronavirus pandemic crisis.