The tripartite committee, led by the Public Authority for Manpower, the Ministry of Interior, and the Kuwait Municipality, will start next Sunday various checks and inspection procedures for shops, Co-Op societies, food and vegetable selling outlets, and order delivery services licensed to operate at the time of the curfew, Al Qabas daily reported.

Informed sources told Al-Qabas that the committee members will be spread across the country’s governorates during the curfew hours, and conduct checks to ensure that the allowance permits mention the names of their employers, which should be identical to the workers’ residencies registered. The businesses and employers should be the ones requesting permits from the relevant department in the Ministry of Interior.

In the event that a worker is caught with a residency visa of a business  other than the one he works for during the curfew, he will be referred to the Residency Affairs Investigation Department for legal measures to be taken against him, including a penalty of deportation from the country.