The Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education, Osama Al-Sultan, announced that measures will be taken to halt the salaries of teachers who left during the mid-year vacation of the last school year and are stranded in their countries, explaining that their names have been requested from the education administrations they are working in, Al Jarida reported.

Al-Sultan said that “due to the start of work for the second semester in the various educational stages, all administrations are required to submit a list of the names of expat workers, who did not start work in the second semester, and were working until the end of the first semester of the current academic year 2020/2021. He noted that the details provided in the lists should include the person’s name, civil id number, specialization, work center, nationality, educational zone, and the reason for discontinuation.

He stressed the importance of addressing the competent authorities at the school districts and the Ministry’s office to halt salaries in the event that their absent period passes  the legal period stipulated in Resolution No. 41 of 2006, and in adherence to the commitment to implement all regulations and systems in this regard and civil service circulars regarding those stranded outside the country.