The Civil Aviation issued a circular to airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport regarding the institutional quarantine exceptions.

The excluded categories are:

Exclusion of diplomatic missions and their first-degree relatives, whether alone or collectively, and their attached domestic workers.

– Kuwaiti patients who are sent for treatment abroad and their companions will be excluded after the end of the treatment period, provided that there is a certificate indicating this issued by the Kuwaiti health office in the country where treatment is received.

Also, Kuwaiti students affiliated with foreign universities and traveling to take study exams will be excluded.

– Government and private medical personnel, their first-degree relatives and their companions will be excluded from domestic workers.

Un accompanied minors under 18 years of age will be excluded

Provided that all excluded groups adhere to a 14-day home quarantine with two PCR checks to detect the Coronavirus at the expense of the private traveler, the first upon arrival to Kuwait and the second on the sixth day after arrival.