The turnout for anti-corona virus vaccinations, while adhering to health requirements after the recent closure of some activities, their results will appear at the beginning of next week, and if infection rates have decreased, this means there is a commitment to the Ministry’s instructions, and on the contrary, the continued rise indicates a lack of commitment Large segments apply requirements.

sources explained that the transmission of the virus from people who do not show any symptoms to others, and through gatherings and unexplained contact, has caused wide segments of the “Covid 19” and intensive care wards to enter public hospitals during the past month, as well as the occurrence of complications and serious setbacks to the health of some of them. And the death of others.

The sources indicated that most of these cases are for people suffering from overweight and obesity in general, or heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, pointing to the importance of improving life styles and increasing physical activity in open and unclosed spaces, such as pedestrian streets in residential areas and others, as the lack of exercise Exercise causes overweight diseases in general.

Vaccine developments

Regarding the latest developments in “Covid 19” vaccinations, the sources pointed out that the Ministry is currently studying the effectiveness of the Oxford vaccine with those over 65 years, who are currently being given doses of the Pfizer vaccine, based on scientific studies and statistics recently published in Britain and Scotland, indicating that it will be Recommendations regarding this segment will be issued soon, whether to continue giving them Pfizer doses or even doses from Oxford, confirming that no global health recommendations have been issued regarding giving vaccines to pregnant or breastfeeding women so far.

In another context, the sources indicated that 124 deaths were recorded due to complications from Corona in the country during last February, in addition to 25009 injuries, and 102 patients entered intensive care, compared to 14,388 injuries and 23 deaths in January 2021, 7592 injuries and 53 deaths in December 2020.

It indicated that last month is the most recorded infection since the height of the virus outbreak in the country, which reached 23019 last May, 19152 in June, 20762 in July, 18152 in August, 20073 in September, 20744 in October, 16709 in November, and 7592 in December, And 14,388 injuries in January.

Death cases

Regarding death rates, the sources said that the month of May recorded 186 deaths due to the virus, 142 in June, 93 in July, 84 in August, 79 deaths in September, 169 in October, 101 in November, 53 cases in December, and 23 deaths during January. 124th in February.

The sources stressed the need for community segments to cooperate with the calls of the Ministry of Health related to the application of requirements during the current stage, to relieve pressure on the health system, indicating that the treatment protocols used with “Covid-19” patients have greatly contributed to reducing the health setbacks that the injured suffer. Whereas, it is being updated in coordination with the World Health Organization and its recommendations in this regard.

Corona injuries in 10 months

23019 in May

19152 in June

20762 in July

18152 in August

20073 in September

20744 in October

16709 in November

7592 in December

14388 in January 25009 in February