The Public Relations and Information Department of the General Fire Brigade said Thursday that the Maritime Fire Brigades managed to rescue a picnic boat that was sunk in Kuwait Bay in exchange for the boys today, Thursday.

The administration explained that the firefighting operations room directed a rescue squad from the Shuwaikh Maritime Firefighting Center to a 31-foot-long boat with 7 people on board after it was exposed to an accident of seawater leakage, and the squad secured the people and the boat and the water bled until the boat reached safety without any occurrence Injuries.

The Public Relations and Media Department of the General Fire Brigade calls on the sea goers to ensure the stability of the weather conditions and to take all security and safety measures before sailing, such as checking the hull of the boat, ensuring the safety of engines, electrical installations, the operation of navigation devices, backup water pumps and communication devices to ensure the safety of the visitors.