Precautionary travel measures are still implemented on all people, including those who received coronavirus vaccine, for the protection of all categories in the society, Ministry of Health (MoH) spokesman Abdullah Al-Sanad said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a news conference, Al-Sanad stressed that authorities are still taking swabs from the arrivals who are also subjected to quarantine for the same purpose. The implemented measures include also individuals who received the vaccine so as to avoid possible transmission of the virus from outside Kuwait, he added.

The step also aims to avoid the arrival of any new strains of the coronavirus pandemic from outside Kuwait, he elaborated. Those who received the first or dual dosage of the vaccine should react to the Ministry’s link to help monitor any side effects that may occur like high temperature, headache, or pain on the part injected with the vaccine, he said. He pointed out that medical teams would deal with any data in this regard. Asked about a safe vaccine for children below 15 years, Al-Sanad said the available vaccine in Kuwait is Pfizer-BioNTech used for people from 16 and above. Oxford vaccine is determined to people aged 18-64, he stated.