Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that The crisis of those stranded in transit countries on their way to Kuwait is deepening, as their expenses increase day after another, so that the final decision comes to deny the appearance of many of them, who tried to gather themselves to provide the value of the institutional quarantine in Kuwait and return, and to become between two fires, so they cannot return to their country, or Coming to Kuwait.

Informed sources estimated that the number of people stranded on their way to Kuwait in the Emirates exceeded 3 thousand, some of them whose residency extended for nearly two months, after successive decisions by the authorities in Kuwait regarding entry of expatriates through the airport.

he sources pointed out that many of them had their entry visas expired, but the authorities in Dubai extended it to March 31 for free, taking into account their humanitarian conditions, while those who entered the Emirate of Sharjah bear the cost of renewing their visas, pending the opening of the airport in Kuwait.

The recent decision to constantly suspend entry to expatriates changed the strategy of many stranded people, after their long wait in transit countries, and they began the procedures for returning to their country again, after they were stranded, without any sign of hope that they could enter Kuwait again, soon.

The sources indicated that there are residents, who were pleased with the circulars issued recently, before suspending air traffic again, and had already made institutional hotel quarantine reservations and checks, with their savings, but the suspension decision was shocking, as they would not be able to recover what they paid in time, and they are between two fires, Continuing in “transit” or returning to their country, but in both cases they need expenses, which they are no longer able to pay.