The expenses of those stranded passengers on their way to Kuwait are increasing day by day. These passengers are stuck, as they cannot return to their home countries and also are not permitted to enter Kuwait, Al-Rai reported.

Sources told the daily that 3000 Kuwait-based expats are stranded in UAE. Some of them have also extended their stay for the last 2 months after successive decisions by the authorities in Kuwait regarding the entry of expatriates. These expatriates are losing money stuck in a third country and after returning there expenses will increase will have to pay for 14 days of institutional quarantine.

The recent decision to constantly suspend entry to expatriates changed the strategy of many stranded people. After their long wait in transit countries, and they are considering returning to their own country.

The sources indicated that there are residents, who were pleased with the circulars issued recently, before suspending flights again and had already made institutional hotel quarantine reservations, with their savings. But the suspension decision was shocking, as they would not recover what they paid in time.