The Kuwait Hotels Association has circulated to hotel managers six rules that must be followed with regards to institutional quarantine for arrivals coming from abroad, as it confirmed that, as of Sunday, February 21, 2021, guests will occupy rooms at institutional quarantine hotels for 14 days (13 nights), or 7 days (6 nights). This will be in accordance to the quarantine period prescribed for each guest dependent on whether they come from a high risk country, and at the same prices previously agreed upon.

The Federation affirmed 6 important rules as follows:

1- The importance of updating the information of each guest’s name, passport number and civil ID number on the kuwaitmosafer platform immediately, who has reserved and paid his stay for 14 days or 7 days. Any delay in informing the Kuwaiti traveler app, the guest will not be allowed to board the plane and return to Kuwait, and the hotel will be subjected to penalties and liability.

2- Hotels have a responsibility to provide good transportation at the T1, T4 and T5 passenger terminals for guests at the scheduled times from the airports without delay, as specific parking spaces have been allocated for institutional quarantine hotels in all passenger buildings.

3- Guests should be informed upon arrival at the hotel of health and security instructions, as well as hotel services that will be provided to them during the stay.

4- Coordination with the company regarding the time and place for taking a PCR test sample from the guests at the hotel before leaving.

5- The importance of following health regulations, whether providing meals in rooms or cleaning rooms.

6- Coordination with health and security authorities when needed or necessary.