The Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport, in coordination with the General Traffic Department, announced a temporary closure this evening, Friday, of the Jahra Road Bridge opposite the Al-Sabah Medical District and the General Traffic Department towards the city of Jahra for a period of 8 days to carry out maintenance work.

The “Road Authority” said in a press statement that traffic will be diverted from the top of the bridge to the surface road opposite the Social Care Homes complex and towards the United Nations Roundabout.

The Public Authority for Roads called on road users to follow the designated guide signs and slow down before the work area.

They said that during this period, it is possible to use the surface road under the bridge from the Shuwaikh area to the United Nations roundabout or use alternative roads, including the upper bridge on Jamal Abdel Nasser Street and from it to the Al-Jahra Road Bridge in the Al-Sabah health area.