Today, Wednesday, the Meteorological Department announced that the country’s weather is witnessing the proliferation of low and medium clouds, interspersed with some cumulus clouds accompanied by scattered rains, the amounts of which vary from light to medium intensity, sometimes thunderstorm.

The head of the marine forecasts department in the administration, Yasser Al-Balushi, told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the height of this situation will be this evening with the passage of the cold air front, accompanied by a marked decrease in the maximum temperatures, starting tomorrow, Thursday. Al-Balushi explained that the weather maps indicate that the country will be affected by the extension of a surface depression coming from the Mediterranean Sea, accompanied by another deep depression in the upper atmosphere accompanied by activity of the southern winds, which exceed 60 kilometers per hour. He pointed out that this southern wind will be dusty, and the horizontal visibility will decrease to less than 1000 meters in some areas, and lead to the rise of sea waves to more than 7 feet, pointing out that the gradual improvement of the weather will start from tomorrow afternoon