Local Arabic newspaper AlRai reported that in parallel with the acceleration of the vaccination campaign against the Corona virus and the efforts of the Ministry of Health to confront the epidemic, health sources confirmed to that the vaccination process is proceeding according to the established plan and achieving remarkable progress, praising the cooperation in registration through the electronic platform to receive the vaccine by citizens and residents.

The sources revealed that according to the progress of the vaccination process and the continued arrival of batches of vaccines that have been contracted, it is expected that the vaccination of arrivals will start after about 6 weeks.

The sources stated that the first group of expatriates who will be contacted to receive the vaccine is the domestic worker category, as part of the Ministry of Health’s efforts to achieve the greatest possible community immunity, especially since this group is considered one of the most vulnerable groups to infection or transmission due to contact

Source : https://www.alraimedia.com/article/1521849/