The Director of Funeral Affairs Department in the Kuwait Municipality, Dr. Faisal Al-Awadi, an administrative circular stipulating that cemeteries be opened for visiting from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon, and that the duration of the visit does not exceed half an hour, taking into account the adherence to wearing a mask and the keenness of social distancing. 

Al-Awadi explained in his circular that the burial dates are every half an hour, and there is no objection to burial at any time according to the public interest and the discretion of every cemetery official in coordination with funeral personnel, as well as limiting access to a room for washing the dead to three people from the funeral, and that twenty relatives of the deceased accompany the funeral from first class. 

He also indicated that this circular is enforced as of Wednesday, 2/17/2021. 

He indicated that it came in view of the conditions the country is going through and based on the directives of the Council of Ministers and health recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health to limit the spread of the new Corona virus.