There is intensive coordination between the Ministry of Health (MoH) and other concerned parties, to develop possible solutions to the outbreak of Coronavirus, as the new cases amounting to about 6,000 infections in 6 days, is raising the alarm, and there has been an increase in intensive care departments admission rates by 100% from last Saturday until Thursday, Al Qabas reported.

Most notably, there has been a decline in the cure rate, as well as the recording of 21 deaths last week.

Health officials confirmed to Al-Qabas that the medical teams are working to accelerate the pace of giving vaccinations to all groups registered through the online link for registering for Covid 19 vaccinations, and gradually, noting that these health centers and other sites will lessen the pressure on the Kuwait Vaccination Center in Mishrif, provided the vaccines are available according to advance dates, in order to achieve the required societal immunity during the current year.

The sources pointed out the need for everyone to cooperate with the calls from the health authorities, with a commitment not to leave their homes except for the most urgent necessity, especially noting the increasing turnout of citizens to visit patients or accompany the infected and their relatives in hospital wards in general.

It stressed that there are visitors who enter into verbal altercations with the medical staff, because of their eagerness to enter with patients in departments that do not allow the presence of people other than the patient.

Hospital visits during the morning period will not be allowed for some time, the sources indicated that the Ministry also requested a reduction in the visiting hours, starting from four as usual and ending at six in the evening instead of seven, while limiting the people allowed to visit to first-degree relatives, to reduce the chances of transmission of the virus.