Reuters statistic showed that the number of global infections with the Coronavirus exceeded 90 million today, while countries of the world rush to obtain vaccines and continue to extend or re-impose general isolation to combat new strains of the virus.

New strains of the virus were initially discovered in the United Kingdom and South Africa, and are rapidly spreading around the world.

The new Corona virus outbreak has accelerated in the past few months, and a Reuters count showed that about a third of all infections had been recorded in the last 48 days.

Europe, which last week became the first region in the world to record 25 million infections, is still the worst affected region by the pandemic, followed by North America and South America, with 22.4 million and 16.3 million infections, respectively.

Europe has recorded about 31 percent of the virus deaths worldwide, amounting to about 1.93 million.

The United States is the country most affected by the pandemic, with more than 22 million infections recorded.