Informed sources revealed to that the General Administration of Civil Aviation, in cooperation with local airlines, had fixed the airfare prices for domestic workers wishing to return to Kuwait.

The sources emphasized that return ticket prices are fixed for the list of flights coming from 5 main destinations: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and the Philippines, indicating that the successive meetings between “civil aviation” and airlines and the competent authorities concluded that the prices of tickets, accommodation, meals and PCR examination must be fixed. It will be limited to 350 dinars per person to reduce the cost for citizens who want to return their domestic labor, so that prices are not subject to supply and demand variables, so they rise significantly.

he sources indicated that the agreed prices for air tickets will be 110 dinars for those coming from India, while they rise to 145 dinars for those coming from Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh, and 200 dinars for those returning from the Philippines, noting that “Civil Aviation” was keen not to repeat the experience of return tickets from Dubai. , Which is witnessing intense demand, to raise the average ticket price from the level of 70 dinars to more than 400 dinars.

They mentioned that the return prices of domestic workers, if left to market variables, would rise significantly, especially since the volume of supply of seats would be very little, and restricted by the country’s health authorities to 600 seats per day, in light of the airport movement being restricted by the rates of gradual operation of flights and the number of passengers in the first phase, In comparison to the expected return of domestic workers, which amounted to 80,000 passengers.

In addition, the sources confirmed that there is a pivotal factor that contributed to the success of fixing the prices of return tickets from these destinations, which is that operating on them will be via regular round trips for those wishing to leave from Kuwait, and the return of domestic workers, which eliminates the idea of the possibility of operating on these destinations with high charter flights. the cost.