Informed sources clarified, in exclusive statements to Al-Anbaa, that the mechanism for determining the remuneration of front-row workers, which was divided into 3 categories according to two high and medium-risk categories, will include the first high-risk category of workers in the ministries of health and the interior.

The sources said that the decision issued by the Ministry of Health will include doctors and nurses because they have direct contact with Corona patients, revealing that 20% has been allocated to “Health”, compared to 10% for workers in ministries and other agencies, and the percentage is calculated from the total number of employees belonging to that category, and not Of the total number of government agency employees, provided that the second and third categories are calculated according to what has been announced, and the Ministry of Interior as approved.

In response to a question about the validity of stopping the registration of new infected people, the sources replied: There is no validity to stop the registration of new Kuwaiti infected with the virus so far, pointing out that a second special category has been assigned to them to be submitted to the Civil Service Bureau, and registration will be limited to cases that required hospitalization. Or in curative quarantine centers, and confirming that the financial reward allocated to them is not frozen, and it is important to mention that the reward of double the comprehensive monthly salary was approved for them throughout the duration of the injury, or 8 thousand dinars, which is spent only once, whichever is more.

Regarding the deaths, the sources responded, saying: The names of the deceased employees are addressed to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers regarding the Kuwaitis, as decrees will be issued for them as “duty martyrs.