General Administration of Civil Aviation held a late meeting yesterday evening with the National Aviation Services Company (NAS) to put the first touches to a plan for the return of about 82,000 domestic workers, a responsible source revealed that the Ministry of Health had requested the Civil Aviation. Postponing the return of domestic workers until after the National Assembly elections scheduled for next December 5, but the source confirmed that the first return trips are expected to be on December 10, at the latest.

He said that the Ministry of Health decided not to disperse its efforts during the elections on more than one level, and requested that the return of workers be postponed until after the elections.

The source pointed out that the directives of the Council of Ministers and the health authorities were clear, which is to deal with one company that is responsible for the return of domestic workers by providing trips and institutional quarantine for a period of 14 days in addition to the examination procedures (PCR), stressing that the success of the experience of returning domestic workers will be the start Towards a large return from the 34 banned countries.

He stated that according to the preliminary figures issued by the Ministry of the Interior to the General Administration of Civil Aviation, the number of expatriates outside the country with valid residency is about 420,000 expatriates, including 82,000 domestic workers.

The source ruled out the return of all domestic workers to Kuwait, where about 60-70% of that employment is expected to return, if we assume that many do not want to return or join any work in other countries.

Regarding the prices of the package, the source said that the matter is still under research and study with the People Company.