The patient started smoking a cigarette in one of the hospital wards despite being alerted by the medical and administrative staff
– He continued to smoke before security was requested .. and before they arrived, the video clip was taken, claiming that he had been attacked

The Ministry of Health confirmed, in an explanation of what had been circulated about a patient claiming to be attacked by 3 people in a hospital affiliated with the Ministry of Health, that this allegation is unfounded, after investigating the circumstances of the incident to verify the patient’s complaint.

The ministry added in a statement, “To clarify the circumstances of the incident, the patient who appears in the video clip, who is a resident, entered the hospital to perform one of the operations to stop the bleeding he suffers from, but he had started smoking a cigarette in the public room in one of the hospital wards, which is prohibited. He warns of him inside health facilities and public facilities, causing harassment for nearby patients and their families.

He added, “Although he was alerted by the medical, nursing and administrative staff, as well as by the patients who were bothered by what he did, but he continued to smoke before security was requested, and before the security men arrived, he filmed the video, claiming that he was attacked.”

The Ministry calls upon all health facility users to adhere to state laws and instructions regulating these facilities, in a manner that preserves the comfort and right of health care providers and recipients.