Called on the Public Authority for Manpower to benefit from the doubling of the financial support decided upon for the national workers registered with it in Chapter Three and who have not submitted a request to disburse the additional support to date, to rush to submit an automatic disbursement request through the authority’s website until Thursday November 5, 2020.

She said Director of Public Relations and Media Department at the authority Aseel Al Mazyad said in a press statement that the authority will disburse additional support to establishments for registered national workers who have applied for disbursement until November 5, 2020 for the remaining three months of support (9, 10 and 11) in accordance with the regulations for disbursing additional support.

She explained that the establishments that have previously benefited from the additional support will be disbursed to those obligated to transfer the salaries of the national workers registered with them without prejudice to the salary value automatically and without the need to submit a new disbursement request.

She indicated that the data required in the additional support request is a certificate from the bank indicating the IBAN number registered with it in the name of the establishment and the civil entity number of the facility installed with the General Organization for Social Insurance.

She added that the required data also include the establishment’s registration number with the General Organization for Social Insurance for Chapter 3 and the phone number of the authorized signatory who represents the facility to send the verification code on it, complete the transaction and approve the signature.