Member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board of the National Cancer Awareness Campaign (CAN) confirmed that social communication is a good alternative to spread awareness of cancerous diseases during the time of the Coronavirus, especially during the month of October, the month of breast cancer awareness, so it is necessary to focus on women over 40 years old. To do a mammogram to check on themselves.

The (Kan) campaign organized an awareness-raising dialogue on the TIMES program presented by the Director of the Health Promotion Department, Dr. Abeer Al-Bahouh, to talk about breast cancer and the methods used to raise awareness of it.

In turn, it confirmed the high death rates due to cancer, as the statistics indicated that cancer is the second cause of death in Kuwait.

This calls for us to intensify its awareness campaigns, as our awareness is divided into 3 parts: First: Awareness for prevention. Second: Awareness of the importance of early detection. Third: Educating the injured.

In her intervention, Dr. Hessa Al-Shaheen praised the importance of community partnership, explaining that the United Nations has stipulated that community partnership is between the government sector and civil society.

The partnership of the (Kan) campaign with the Kuwaiti Women’s Voluntary Society for Community Service and Development was clearly represented by the partnership with the Ministry of Health through the implementation of many awareness-raising initiatives and programs, including the Health Promotion Department and the volunteers of the Nutrition Department at the Kuwait Cancer Cente