332 thousand passengers through the airport in 80 days

Arabic local newspaper Alrai Reported that The Director of Operations Department at the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Mansour Al-Hashimi, stated that since the beginning of the airport’s operation on the first of August until yesterday, 197,000 passengers departed, and about 135,000 arrived on board 1965 flights by various airlines within 80 days.

Al-Hashemi said, in a statement that “all flights that depart and arrive in the country come within the plan to operate the first phase, with an operating rate not exceeding 30 percent, and that the majority of departure flights were for Turkey, Dubai and Doha.”

He explained that “Citizens of the 34 banned countries are allowed and exempted from entering the country wishing to return to Kuwait, after staying in an uninfected country for 14 days, with the requirement for a PCR certificate that is not more than 72 hours old, and that he adheres to health requirements upon arrival in the country with home quarantine. 14 days .

And he indicated that «the Operations Department is constantly communicating with the relevant authorities in the country to facilitate and overcome all obstacles to passengers, airlines and ground service providers in accordance with the standards and conditions of the health authorities in the country, by adhering to wearing masks and gloves while achieving divergence while employees are in their offices, in addition to Putting thermal cameras upon entering all airport gates to monitor the temperature of all those wishing to enter the airport.