Kuwaitis responded negatively to the high fines to be levied against anyone caught failing to wear a mask in public, prompted by a decision taken by the Higher Ministerial Committee in charge of following up on the repercussions of the COVID 19 crisis, Al-Anba daily reported.

Many expressed fears about the high amount specified in the law, which stipulates a penalty of three months imprisonment and/or a fine reaching KD 5,000. The citizens said they supported a fine ranging between KD 50 and 100, and requested a review of this decision, or to be canceled. They appealed for a practical plan to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Last week, the Council of Ministers approved an amendment to the bill to impose immediate fines on violators of health regulations and methods to pay these fines. The bill will be submitted to His Highness the Amir for referral to the National Assembly. These are part of a slew of measures aimed to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Many young people in Kuwait are increasingly falling ill to the coronavirus, health sources revealed to Al-Qabas, due to neglecting physical distancing, continuing contact and ignoring precautionary measures.

Patients, between the ages of 30 and 40 are filling the intensive care unit at Jaber Hospital for treatment from the coronavirus, with some in critical health, in addition to other groups of the elderly and those with chronic diseases.

There has also been an alarming increase in hospital admission rates for coronavirus patients, from about 30 infections daily before mid-September to between 50 and 70 currently infected, according to the numbers registered in general hospital departments and intensive care for coronavirus patients.