A regulatory procedure in which citizens are given priority, then open the way for residents … and vaccinate by appointment.”

Informed health sources revealed that restricting the winter season vaccination campaign to citizens in the current period, in light of the current circumstances of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, is a regulatory measure in which priority is given to citizens, and then opens the way for residents subsequently, indicating that there is no racism, discrimination or A distinction in granting these vaccinations between citizens and residents.

While the Ministry announced the system for reserving appointments for vaccinations that require entering through the Ministry of Health website to record data and book an appointment, the sources confirmed that the ministry’s circular in this regard is temporary and not divisive in the provision of health care that does not differentiate the ministry in providing it to everyone who lives on the land of Kuwait in the country of humanity , Explaining that the private health sector facilities did not prevent the ministry from providing vaccinations, as it could request vaccinations from the supplier companies and present them to those wishing to obtain them.

The sources believed that the claim that the circular carries some aspects of racism is right, especially since restricting the vaccination campaign to citizens is limited to the current period and until the completion of the vaccination of citizens, space will be opened to residents, and there is no harm in that in light of the current circumstances of the Corona pandemic and the measures that require taking Preventive and regulatory in order to protect citizens and residents.

The Ministry of Health circular regarding restricting the winter vaccination campaign to citizens in the current period carried some difference in views between support and condemnation of the matter, while the view in favor of the Ministry of Health’s circular went that the world is living in exceptional circumstances due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemic and all countries give priority to their citizens, With the possibility that the vaccination is available in the private sector and can be obtained.

On the other hand, the other view is that it is racist to provide health care based on nationality, and that the goal of vaccinations is to achieve community immunity by vaccinating the largest segment of the country’s population by at least 50 percent.

Responsible health sources resolved the controversy surrounding this issue, confirming that shortening the winter vaccination campaign in the current period is a regulatory measure in view of the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, as the priority in it is for citizens and then at another stage providing service to the resident with the possibility of getting vaccinated from The private sector, as it is not prohibited.

The Ministry of Health had announced that, in light of the current circumstances of the pandemic, the winter vaccination campaign for the 2020-2021 season will be limited to citizens in the current period.

In a statement, the Ministry confirmed that the preventive health centers designated to receive seasonal vaccinations for immunization against the most common causes of viral respiratory diseases (influenza) and bacterial (Nemococcal) will be restricted to citizens during this period.

It is noteworthy that, last Thursday, the Ministry launched a vaccination campaign, confirming its full readiness and coordination with health district directors, increasing nursing staff, and preparing more rooms for vaccinations in preventive health centers.

In another context, the Ministry of Health announced yesterday that 663 new cases of emerging corona disease (Covid-19) were recorded, bringing the total number of cases registered in the country to 116,146 cases, while seven deaths were recorded as a result of contracting the disease, bringing the total number of deaths recorded until Today, there are 701 cases, while 752 injuries have been cured, bringing the total number of recoveries to 107,860 cases.

The spokesman for the ministry, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, said that the number of people receiving medical care in the intensive care departments reached 138 cases, bringing the total number of all cases that were confirmed to have (Covid-19) disease and are still receiving the necessary medical care 7585 cases.

The document indicated that the number of swabs that were performed reached 4959, bringing the total to 828165 examinations.

He renewed the call for citizens and residents to continue adopting all means of prevention, avoid contact with others, and be keen on implementing the strategy of physical distancing, recommending to visit the official accounts of the Ministry of Health and official authorities in the country to view the instructions and recommendations and everything that would contribute to containing the spread of the viru