Dubai decided to allow the resumption of wedding parties in halls and hotel establishments, as well as in homes, temporary halls and tents in residential areas, starting from October 22.

The decision came in accordance with the recommendations submitted to the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management by the concerned authorities, as the committee stressed the importance of the cooperation of families and families in confirming the accurate implementation of all safety requirements, to ensure that the first goal of these measures is to preserve the health of individuals and spare them exposure to infection with the new Coronavirus. Or the spread of infection in the audience.

The committee has set a set of conditions for holding wedding parties and social events in the aforementioned places:

The number of those inside the hall should not exceed 200 people, and not more than 30 people in tents and homes, according to the capacity of the place, provided that the perimeter of one individual to separate from others is 4 square meters of the total area of the place.

• Masks must be worn all the time, and they can only be removed while sitting at tables.

The maximum number of attendees at one table is 5 people.

Avoid sitting face to face or close distances (not less than 1.5 meters between one person and another).

Leave a space of 2 meters between each table and the other.

• The duration of the ceremony should not exceed 4 hours in halls, hotel establishments, homes, tents and temporary halls.

Urging people with chronic diseases and the elderly not to come to ensure their safety.

• Refrain from attending those who have symptoms such as coughing or a high temperature.