Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Walid Al-Jassem announced the launch of a geographic presence system for employees of the executive branch.

Al-Jasem said in a press statement, that the requirements of the interest of work and good organization, and in view of the current exceptional circumstances that the country is going through due to the spread of the new Corona virus, requires the creation of a new mechanism to prove the commitment of workers in the official working hours in order to ensure the speedy completion of the transactions of citizens and auditors and not to delay them.

He added that he had addressed the director general of the municipality about the launch of the geographical presence system, which will be implemented gradually and in two phases to measure its effectiveness in work and its technical experience as an electronic system.

Al-Jassem explained that the gradual work will be applied as a first stage of this system to the occupants of supervisory jobs of all names and job levels from the employees of the executive body, as that stage will take about a month in preparation for the application of the system to all sectors operating after it with all its employees.