The preliminary results of the “solidarity” clinical trial coordinated by the World Health Organization, and in which Kuwait participated through researchers from the Ministry of Health and Kuwait University, concluded that the treatment of Covid-19 by means of remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir / ritonavir and interferon over a period of 28 days has little effect. Or no, whether on the length of stay of patients in the hospital or on the mortality rate of Covid-19 patients.

Kuwait participated in this study through researchers from the Ministry of Health and Kuwait University as part of one of the largest global studies to assess the effectiveness of anti-Coronavirus drugs that were conducted in 30 countries around the world with the aim of knowing the effect of these above treatments on the overall mortality rate, and the need for artificial respirators, And length of stay in hospital among patients receiving hospital care.

The Kuwaiti research team participating in this global experiment, which Kuwait joined at the beginning of its launch, included Dr. Al-Mundhir Al-Hasawi, Dr. Moudhi Al-Roumi, Dr. Salman Al-Sabah, Dr. Kelly Shurrab, and Dr. Abdullah Al-Badr.