The Public Firefighting Force launched, on Wednesday morning, on the South Island at Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge, a number of the most advanced hydraulic floating water drawing pumps in the world, which entered service recently, in order to enhance the capabilities of the country’s fire stations, to prepare for the rainy season.

The inauguration took place in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Anas Al-Saleh, and the Head of the Public Fire Force, Lieutenant-General Khaled Al-Mukrad, and in the presence of the leaders of the authorities supporting the Public Fire Force in rain and flood accidents from the Kuwaiti army, the Ministry of Interior and the National Guard, the Ministry of Works and the Public Authority for Roads And Kuwait Municipality and Kuwait Oil Company.

On the sidelines of the launch and in the presence of various media, a live demonstration was held for the new pumps with high-speed capabilities in drawing and pumping water, with a power of up to 66 thousand gallons per minute, and it is American-made with its ability to draw water using 120 hoses measuring 8 inches, reaching a distance of 7, 700 km, in addition to more than 160 portable and electric pumps distributed throughout the fire stations, and there are 40 trailer pumps whose pump reaches 8 thousand gallons per minute.

Some fire stations were equipped with specialized torrents and rain rescue mechanisms, in addition to portable boats used in all places where the water level is expected to rise.