The Higher Ministerial Committee in charge of following up on the repercussions of the Coronavirus met and reviewed the latest reports submitted by the concerned ministers on the latest developments, procedures and applications by the concerned authorities and the government in the face of limiting the Coronavirus.

The head of the Government Communication Center and official spokesperson for the government, Tariq Al-Muzrim, said that the meeting witnessed a presentation by the Ministry of Health on the latest indicators of Covid 19 not only in Kuwait, but also in the world.

We are monitoring other indicators now in the world, as we notice an escalation in numbers in a number of countries, and there was a presentation of the latest measures and indicators to be taken during the next phase.

Al-Muzarim stressed that health measures are continuing to confront the Corona virus, as there are some violations, some of which we have seen, and the law and violations have been applied as a result of those violations by the Ministry of Interior.

Al-Muzrim called on citizens and residents to adhere to health laws and requirements in light of the talk in the world about a second wave of the “Corona” virus, and this requires more adherence to health measures.