Next Wednesday, the Parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee will hold an expanded meeting, which will be attended by 8 ministers, to discuss the amendments that have been submitted to the demographics law, which was approved as a first deliberation.

Representatives of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and the Public Authority for Agriculture and Wealth Affairs.

Committee Chairman Khalil Al-Saleh told that We in the committee are interested in preparing the report to be presented in the next session and vote on the second deliberation.

It is noteworthy that the government, when discussing the first deliberation, expressed its objection to some articles in the law, including specifying a minister concerned with responsibility, specifying 6 months to announce a government plan for treatment, as well as asking the government, with the exception of some cases for not converting the features of the visit into a work residence and not converting the features of the visit to join Family, according to the need for work for some agencies and sectors.