A group of around 105 Indians, including 99 from the Tamil Nadu state of India, filed a petition with Indian Embassy requesting assistance as their employer had not paid their salaries since June, Al Rai daily reported. The employees are currently working at Shuaiba port in Kuwait.

The Indian embassy provides all necessary services to its citizens in Kuwait, and is always working with the Kuwaiti authorities to try to solve any problem that Indian community in Kuwait may encounter, the Ambassador of India to the country H.E. Sibi George spoke to Al Rai.

The Indian Embassy has intervened and discussions are proceeding with the company to sort out the issues.

Without salaries, the employees have been forced to cope in Kuwait, while being unable to neither buy basic necessities nor pay rents; in addition, there is the looming threat of their residences expiring between the month of October and December. They also fear eviction from homes due to failure to pay rents, and the unforgiving landlord has disconnected the elevator and water supply from their apartments over the issue. Charities and social workers have been providing them with food.

Many Indians are awaiting repatriation for several months, but have been forced to put their plans on hold since their indemnity and other dues have not been settled, thus delaying their plans to return to their home country. Many companies in Kuwait are bearing the brunt of economic repercussions from the measures against the coronavirus.