The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that it has taken several strict precautionary measures for the safety of pilgrims, during the performance of the Umrah ritual, in conjunction with the opening of the new season and the gradual return of Umrah, starting next Sunday.

Among the most prominent measures taken by the Kingdom’s authorities is to sterilize the Grand Mosque 10 times a day before entering each regiment, and after its departure, starting next Sunday.

And the distribution of Zamzam water to the pilgrims in wrapped containers to preserve their safety, and to prepare places designated for isolation in the event that symptoms of Corona appear on any pilgrim.

The authorities also decided to prevent access to the Holy Kaaba and the Black Stone, and for the circumambulation to be outside the existing checkpoint.

And the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced permitting the performance of Umrah as of next October 4, and re-permitting performing Umrah, entering the Grand Mosque and visiting the honorable kindergarten in the Prophet’s Mosque gradually according to four stages, the first of which is to allow the performance of Umrah for citizens and residents from inside the Kingdom, starting from Sunday Corresponding to next October 4, at a rate of 30% (6 thousand pilgrims / day) of the capacity that takes into account the sanitary precautionary measures of the Grand Mosque. The entry of pilgrims, worshipers and visitors will be regulated through the “Umrahna” application, which will be launched by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, with the aim of enforcing the health standards and controls approved by the Ministry of Health and the competent authorities.