The Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, the late Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, who has a history full of achievements, lamented the condolences of the Kuwaiti people and the Arab and Islamic nations on the death of His Highness, may God have mercy on him.

Al-Sabah told KUNA yesterday that the history of His Highness the late Emir, full of achievements and unlimited giving to his country and the whole world, indicates that His Highness, may God have mercy on him, was truly a prince of humanity and a person in the emirate and governance.

He added: “In humanity, God have mercy on him, the merciful father, the great brother and the faithful advisor, and in governance and the emirate he was a wise politician, a visionary critic, and a wise leader who won from the hearts love, respect, appreciation and reverence.”

He continued, “It is the right of our late father and prince to mourn him and the rhymes to mourn him,” offering his condolences to the shrine of His Highness Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad, the ruling family and the entire Kuwaiti people.

And God Almighty called for the precious wealth of Kuwait’s deceased to be blessed with the breadth of his mercy and forgiveness, and to dwell in his spaciousness with those whom God has blessed among the prophets, the righteous, the martyrs and the righteous.