Arabic local newspaper Alqabas reported that With 8 Corona deaths recorded within two days, and corona -infected cases in intensive care rose to 125, after their recent decline to 90 cases only,

health sources have sounded the alarm on failure by many groups of society who do not adhere to health requirements and social distancing To prevent the spread of the epidemic.

While these data placed the health authorities before compulsory options; Among them is the postponement of the transition to the fifth stage of the return of life, the failure to reduce the quarantine period for returnees from abroad, as was expected, and the continuation of the list of 34 countries banned from entering the country,

so the sources did not exclude the possibilities of the return of the partial ban according to the degree of severity of the epidemiological situation in the country, especially with Close to the seasonal flu season, which intersects with symptoms of Corona; This will constitute a challenge for “health” officials.

The sources warned that the gatherings are a primary source of transmission of the virus from the infected to the healthy, stressing the need for citizens and residents to cooperate during this period in particular, to relieve pressure on health system workers, and not to overburden medical staff.