The Technical Committee of the Municipal Council approved the proposal to license the municipality for home gardens, while preserving the request to open the door for discussion regarding groceries, mobile cars and their places of allocation from the municipality.

In its meeting yesterday, the committee, headed by Dr. Ali bin Sayer, agreed to the request submitted to amend a number of municipal council decisions related to cooperative societies, and rejected a letter on setting up a regulation for chimneys used in private housing.

Bin Sayer confirmed, in a press statement after the meeting, that the committee approved the request of the Public Authority for Manpower to license various activities at the Kuwaiti Farmers Union Center in the Abdali and Al-Wafra regions, and the proposal submitted regarding licensing centers for people with disabilities in investment buildings, and referred the application submitted regarding licensing health clubs in Within the residential areas to the executive body to study the technical opinion.

He stated that the committee referred to the Reform and Development Committee of the Municipal Council the book submitted by the Real Estate Union regarding the approval of giving the right of management and maintenance to the private sector during the investment period for multi-storey car parks in various regions of Kuwait and stimulating the private sector to build multi-role parking lots in partnership with the state.

Bin Sayer explained that the committee reviewed the question presented regarding parking lots and smart parking, while it referred to the executive body the draft report requesting the Public Authority for Industry to approve the organizational chart for site No. 20 in Mina Abdullah.