The Civil Service Bureau has succeeded in nominating 10482 citizens to work for various government agencies in 86 days during the period from June 30 to September 24.

The head of the Diwan, Ahmed Al-Jassar, described to Al-Rai these nominations as an achievement to be counted for the Bureau and government agencies, indicating that this period “witnessed the nomination of 6,465 of those with university qualifications, and 2,283 of those with a diploma, while those nominated to work reached those with a degree ”1136 secondary school, 353 of those with an intermediate degree or less were nominated, 175 of those with an intermediate certificate or more, and 68 of those with a master’s degree, and 2 of those with a doctorate degree, were nominated.

Al-Jassar considered that the Bureau’s nomination of more than 10,000 citizens in less than three months is an achievement in light of the exceptional circumstances that Kuwait is experiencing, pointing to the Bureau’s permanent endeavor to nominate those registered with it in the integrated systems program to government agencies, according to the requests and needs of those authorities in line with With the required specializations.