The Embassy has been regularly receiving a large number of email messages from the Indian community on various issues of interest and concern for them.  The Embassy appreciates and welcomes such emails and letters which are aimed to bring to the notice of the Embassy issues of concern and interest to the Indian community.

The Embassy endeavors to resolve each of these issues in coordination with concerned authorities.  In this regard, the Embassy would like to forward such emails addressed to the Embassy to concerned authorities in India and in the State of Kuwait as appropriate.

In order for Embassy to appropriately take up these matters with concerned authorities, all are advised to include their full name as in their passports, passport numbers, Civil ID details and contact telephone numbers and postal address in all their correspondences with the Embassy.

Those sending emails and letters on behalf of any group or associations may also share, as much as possible, the contact details and address of the persons on whose behalf such issues are raised. This would help the Mission to directly get in touch with those affected.