The President of the Jahra Cooperative Society, Habib Al-Majidi, announced the launch of September 2020 discounts in the Jahra and Al-Waha markets on more than 250 food and consumer items with a discount of up to 60 percent in cooperation with major companies supplying food and consumer goods in the local and regional markets, stressing that all goods included in the discounts Continuous throughout the period of cuts without decreasing.

After opening the September sales, in the presence of the Vice President, Lawyer Athbi Al-Saeedi, Chairman of the Procurement Committee Muteb Al-Bouqan, Chairman of the Social Services Committee Khaled Al-Ruwaie, General Manager Muhammad Al-Anazi, and Procurement Manager Saleh Al-Saeedi said that the goods were chosen carefully and in accordance with the criteria of the region’s residents ’demand for this Commodities, especially fast-moving and major items, indicating that the reductions come within the series of marketing plan developed by the Board of Directors throughout the year, aimed at reducing financial burdens on the people of the region and increasing sales.

Al-Majidi called on all shareholders and the people of the region to benefit from these discounts from yesterday to the 30th of this month, as instructions were issued to central market managers to provide all the items included in the discounts first and foremost in the places designated for them, so that everyone can benefit from these discounts.

He praised the role of Al-Bouqan for his major role in negotiating with companies, and obtaining a greater percentage of discounts for the benefit of the association’s pioneers and shareholders in the September 2020 discounts.

He stressed that the Board of Directors is working hard to provide everything that serves the people of the region in terms of organizing festivals, performances and services, pointing out that many service programs will be announced in the coming period.