yesterday, Kuwait surpassed the one hundred thousand cases of the Coronavirus, after recording 719 new infections, while 682 were cured and 3 deaths, bringing the total to 100,683 cases, 91,612 cures by 91 percent, and 588 deaths by 0.58 percent.
In a special statistics Reported by “Al-Rai”, conducted by the “Social Watcher” platform, Kuwait entered yesterday the range of one hundred thousand infections after 212 days since the first case of a Kuwaiti citizen returning from Iran was recorded on February 24,

where a thousand new injuries were recorded within 72 hours. It took 79 days to reach the first 10,000 infections and were recorded on 12 May. As for the second ten thousand, it was recorded within 11 days on May 23, and the third ten thousand did not take more than 13 days to reach on June 5, and the fourth ten thousand was 17 days and recorded on June 22, and the fifth ten thousand 15 days was recorded on July 6, while it was recorded The sixth ten thousand within 15 days, on July 21, and the seventh ten thousand in 17 days, were recorded on August 6, and the eight thousand ten thousand were 18 days and were registered on August 23.

It should be noted that Kuwait today ranks 8th among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of recording the number of injuries compared to the population, and it also ranks 37th in the world after the number of injuries exceeded 100 thousand.

As of July 16, 2020, the Ministry of Health has refrained from providing nationality data for those newly infected with Coronavirus, as well as distributing them to health areas and residential areas. On June 17, the Ministry had previously decided to withhold data related to the nationalities of all injured persons except for Kuwaitis, while since May 4 it has refrained from mentioning any data related to some cases, whether in terms of the type of infection if it was contact or undergoing epidemiological investigation of unknown source, as well as the nationalities of the injured, in addition to its refusal For providing death data that you previously provided, such as nationality, age, gender, and the period of receiving the case for intensive care.
As a result, data for 47,582 injuries, which constitute 47 percent of the total, have been withheld, along with 548 deaths, which constitute 93 percent of the total 588