Last week, conducting random swabs on Kuwait University workers revealed that dozens of employees had been infected. The percentage of positive swabs for infection with the Coronavirus among the total number of swabs conducted for university employees reached about 6%, after the university,

in cooperation with a team from the Ministry of Health, during the past week, conducted random swabs for its members as part of the preventive measures against infection with Covid-19. Informed that the total number of swabs conducted by the medical team at the university amounted to 882 swabs in 4 university sites, namely, Sabah Al-Salem University City, Khalidiyah, Shuwaikh and Jabriya, while the number of swabs indicating injuries reached 52.

They pointed out that the work centers in the four university sites have taken the necessary measures towards infections, most of them without symptoms. The share of Al-Khalidiya site of injuries was 3.8%, in Shuwaikh 5.4%, in Al-Shaddia 7.8%, and in Jabriya 7%.